CCW Class



Classroom and range instruction provided by retired Tactical Officer and Certified OPOTC Firearms Instructor. This one day class is held from 12 noon to 8 pm Sundays.

Classroom instruction is held at 7490 Bridgewater Rd. at the Fire And Explosion Consultants building (corner of Bridgewater Rd. and Taylorville Rd. in Huber Heights, Ohio).


Space is limited to 12 per class. The range instruction will be held at the Miami Valley Shooting Grounds at 7771 Johnson Station Road Vandalia, Ohio.


Cost is $65 for the class.

Cost Includes Registration Fee, Range Fee, All Books, and Handouts. Along with eye and ear protection provided.You will need to supply a firearm and 100 rounds of ammo for the firearm (firearms are available on a first come basis if needed without cost). Ammo can be purchased at the range on the day of the class if needed.

A $25 dollar non-refundable deposit is required and will be applied to your remaining balance (cash or check day of class).

Please contact us to save your spot in the class: